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In order to participate in the evolution of primary care infrastructure, we as physicians must also invite an evolution in the way we practice medicine. As a creator of health ecosystems, Wellsmart is very aware that any biosystem is driven from the climate that feeds and nourishes it.

Essentially, the healthcare climate is driven by the outward energy projected by each contributor. Wellsmart’s philosophy is that we must know ourselves in order to be the best healthcare providers possible, and so we can always be more authentic representatives of our highest self. While we have no religious association, we understand and advocate that the energy of love, compassion, and inspiration fuel an ability to see more solutions that have potential for presenting unified fronts.

As a result, Wellsmart approaches implementation not just from a philosophical core belief, but also by bridging the implementation of this belief through integrative education and coaching. Wellsmart is currently in production of the online educational course called, The Science of Compassion for Healthcare Providers. This course will not only teach you how to preserve and be sustainable in providing the best heartfelt care, but it will also teach you how to be compassionate and empowered yourself.

What makes Wellsmart different?

As a physician-led company, Wellsmart’s projects are built around a core passion to rebuild healthcare infrastructure sustainably at every level. We have intimate knowledge of the confusing structure of healthcare and so we can navigate with confidence, choosing to keep what works and leaving what doesn’t work behind. Due to our team’s substantial experience within current health systems that put the needs of patients and healthcare providers last, we know what it takes to put those needs first: by enriching and supporting this most sacred relationship between patient and healthcare provider, the hub of where wellness happens.

What else?

Learn how to institute technological changes to allow you to move out from institutionalized medicine. From portable micro clinics using cloud-based electronic health record systems that are truly provider-friendly to the availability of lab-on-a-chip technology, and to Wi-Fi enabled medical instruments, you can undergo your own technological renaissance.

How can you take action now?

  • Get involved! Contact the team at Wellsmart to learn more about our vision and upcoming projects.
  • Send us an email to let us know of your interest in early enrollment for the Science of Compassion for Healthcare Providers online course. You’ll then receive backstage access of updates during production of the course.

Meet EPC

Expeditionary Preventative Clinic

Wellsmart is partnering with designer/developer Nathan Tanner for the development of EPC: a wellness space where patient care can thrive. E.P.C stands for “Expeditionary Preventative Clinic,” and it was featured at Exponential Medicine’s Innovation Lab as a 3-D printed model. Now, with three patents pending, we look towards building the prototype.

Compassion + teamwork

Be heard, be informed!

You can embody compassionate healthcare.

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