We dream big

Wellsmart’s future comprises 3 exciting phases:

Phase I

Patient and physician online education courses:

Patient’s Mini Medical School

The Science of Compassion Course for Healthcare Providers

under construction…

Phase II

Development of the telehealth pilot program

Wellsmart is taking telehealth to the next level with the introduction of Wi-Fi enabled physical exam instrumentation teamed with community medical assistants and physicians. This combination represents a new era in the delivery of primary care. The technology, operated by medical assistants during a visit to your home, work, or another convenient location, will measure heart sounds, lung sounds, vital signs, take pictures of the inner ear, nose, and throat, and much more. The information will then be uploaded securely into your electronic health record for review by a physician during your personalized telehealth consultation by phone or video call.

Phase III

Engineering and construction of the EPC prototype for use in rural, and disaster relief community medicine.

EPC operates as the ‘mission control’ for telehealth and in-person healthcare experiences. From this platform, we can also track and monitor patient health through the use of smart home monitoring devices.

Compassion + teamwork

Be heard, be well!

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