Reconnect with what it means to be well

You’ve been frustrated by the whole healthcare process. You’re not against taking medication, but prefer them to be used in balance with a choice of options that cover seeing you as a whole. You might even want to learn something new to help you, or you as caretaker for your family.

We can help.

Wellsmart is bringing accessible and personalized healthcare to you through educational resources and 1-on-1 online consultations with Dr. Coleman and other primary care physicians.

Everyone is a patient—it’s anyone who seeks a return to a time of remembered well-being, in any way.

With more Americans gaining health coverage, Wellsmart’s telehealth pilot program will offer an alternative means to connect patients with primary care providers for preventive care and treatment of common illnesses. The personalized program options will include:

  • Individual Wellness Program
  • Preventative Wellness Program
  • Corporate Wellness Program

Get the cure for Google-itis!

‘Google-itis’ and ‘cyber-hypochondria’ are the results of too much information about health found online without any education or context provided, which can cause a great deal of anxiety for patients who get lost in information overload. Doctors are currently not available or capable of taking a valuable educational time-out with their patients, but patients need a navigational beacon to know what information to trust.

Wellsmart is developing a mini medical online education course for patients to become that beacon, and to increase patients’ resilience, empowerment, and wisdom. As a warm-up to the course, Wellsmart’s Vimeo channel features some short, informative videos on a variety of health topics.

How can you take action now?

  • Our telehealth pilot program launches in September! Contact the team at Wellsmart to learn more about this groundbreaking community healthcare concept, and other upcoming projects.
  • Send us an email to let us know of your interest in early enrollment for the Mini Medical School for Patients online course. You’ll then receive backstage access of updates during production of the course.

Compassion + teamwork

Be heard, be well!

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