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Letʼs face it, we've all been there: taking care of patients in todayʼs healthcare atmosphere can feel overwhelming with so much growing need for care. At times, it can feel as though you're the sole caretaker of an entire community, with a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Wellsmart is currently in production of the online course called, 'The Science of Compassion for Healthcare Providers'. This course will not only teach you how to preserve and be sustainable in providing the best heartfelt care, but it will also teach you how to be compassionate and empowered yourself.


There are real advances in science that support how empathy and compassion can be helpful and applicable in any field of business, which will be presented in the curriculum. Currently, continuing education credits and backing by medical institutions are being integrated so that this course can bolster your résumé and your healthcare credentials.

What makes Wellsmart different?

Many solutions for physicians exist, but very few were built by physicians who have felt the real pain points personally, so that a solution could truly address the concerns happening in the field. As a provider, Dr. Coleman works shifts providing primary care in a rural area where, alongside one other provider, they've seen up to 184 patients in one day.

"A single shift of many in a week can be 14-16 hours long. So, I speak from experience when I say that you can learn to sustain yourself, and learning this science of empathy has enabled me to adore taking care of my patients since 2002." - Dr. Amy Coleman

What else?

Learn how to institute technological changes to allow you to move out from institutionalized medicine, in the form of portable micro clinics using in the cloud electronic health record systems that are truly provider-friendly. With the availability of lab-on-a-chip technology, wi-fi enabled medical instruments and 3rd party billing systems, you can undergo your own technological renaissance.

How can you take action now?

  • Contact the team at Wellsmart to set up a Resilience Training and Perspective Awareness Coaching session.
  • Send us an email to let us know of your interest in early enrollment for the 'Science of Compassion for Healthcare Providers' online course. You'll then receive backstage access of updates during production of the course.

Compassion + teamwork

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