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Wellsmart offers a range of services to educate and promote compassionate healthcare, including on-site consultations for corporate wellness, and speaking opportunities.

To inquire about corporate wellness programs and/or speaking opportunities, please contact us directly.

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Local Services

The following services are currently available for patients in Lexington, KY.

Telehealth Pilot Program

This groundbreaking community health pilot program brings the comfort of a face-to-face interaction with healthcare providers together with the convenience of technology. Once an appointment is booked online or by phone, a paramedic will visit you at home, work, or another preferred location. Using Wi-Fi enabled tools, the paramedic will collect data such as heart sounds and blood glucose levels, or conduct a biometric screening, which is then uploaded into a cloud-based electronic health record before the patient is contacted by a physician for a telehealth visit either by phone or video call. The 3 personalized options within this program are:

  • Individual Wellness Program
  • Preventive Wellness Program
  • Workplace Wellness Program

More details on each program is coming soon!

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