We are excited to announce the opening of our new Wellsmart Headquarters and Clinic location in Lexington, Kentucky at 1830 Versailles Rd. The new facility will house a functional/integrative medicine clinic and be a central operating hub for other Wellsmart programs.

This beautiful site was formerly an International Bloodstock Agency which offered consultation for the breeding and sales of Thoroughbred horses. We are grateful to embrace the equestrian style of this historic facility which pays homage to Lexington’s long “horse capital” heritage. As a fellow equestrian, Dr. Coleman’s feels right at home here, and looks forward to sharing this warm, inviting atmosphere with her patients and clients.

Dr. Amy Coleman offers holistic consultation for medical concerns. She recently completed a Functional Medicine fellowship through the Institute of Functional Medicine, based on the Cleveland Clinic program. Functional medicine is a science-based, whole systems approach, which looks to find and treat the fundamental, underlying causes of clinical symptoms. Dr. Coleman utilizes extensive hands-on diagnostic exams, genetic testing, advanced laboratories and nutritional education. She brings eastern and western medicine philosophies together, where the mind, body and spirit meet to allow a patient to see the big picture of their health concerns. Each patient’s care is highly personalized and engages them as an active participant in their own care. Dr. Coleman also utilizes palpation-based acupuncture as a diagnostic tool to uncover deeper constitutional imbalances which, when treated, can allow quicker, and more efficient recovery. She received her acupuncture accreditation through the Structural Acupuncture Program for Physicians from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Coleman is a graduate from the University of Kentucky family and community medicine residency program, and practiced as a family medicine physician for 8 years in emergency rooms, hospitals, urgent cares, family medicine, occupational medicine and preventative care clinics. Preceding that, Dr. Coleman served as an active duty flight surgeon in the United States Air Force for 6 years, and was contracted as a flight surgeon for NASA for 2 years.

Appointments can be made by calling Wellsmart’s business line: 1-800-871-2592. The clinic does not accept health insurances, but does provide invoices for services that patients can use to file for possible health insurance reimbursement (individual policy coverage limitations may apply). FSA and HSA savings cards are also accepted as well as cash/check/credit card.

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