Have we ever REALLY learned anything from the pamphlets offered at medical clinics?  Most of the time content included in this literature seems like a tutorial in common sense rather than an opportunity to truly learn something about the fascinating bodies that we wear.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our newsletters and social media posts, you’ll know that Wellsmart has been delving into the world of medical education. During the filming and screenwriting for the medical topics which will comprise the Wellsmart online education courses, we ran across a company doing great things in medical education and illustration called Medmovie. As founder Rick Gersony puts it: “We make difficult topics easy to understand.”  In that way, Wellsmart and Medmovie are on the same mission. Medmovie has evolved from providing medical illustrations of surgical techniques to full high definition animations of the inner workings of the human body.

Check out this short Medmovie video demonstrating how a picture can really be worth a thousand words!

Also, we’re thrilled about the cooperative project ahead in pairing Wellsmart wisdom with Medmovie creativity, so stay tuned.

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