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January 14, 2013
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The Balance

If working not-stop in medicine has kept you from finding the balance for your own life, how can you guide patients to find theirs?  Seeking a flexible schedule does not mean losing your well-earned income, and very often is just the wind in your sails that helps to relocate the passion for medicine that you once had when you  went knocking on medical school’s doors.

Wellsmart currently mentors and counsels physicians interested in becoming independent contractors. With these tools, you will not need a locums agency to represent you in finding clinic positions.  Often, locums agencies take 30% and even more per hour, for each hour at the site; essentially, a finder’s fee which never ends.   We at Wellsmart provide step-by step guidance for physicians to be successful outside of current big pharma and insurance driven models of medicine.

Welsmart also assist physicians in creative applications for their medical skills. The allure and attraction of the old-time country doctor is made new again recently with new, portable and well-designed electronic health record systems, which can do the work of entire staff offices.  There is a rebirth of the new with the old. The old time country doctor is back, this time, merged with the best technology has to offer.  We at Wellsmart guide you through how to set up this form of practice, which is free from insurance company hassles and 4 white walls of exam room monotony.  You dont even have to wear a white coat.

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