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January 14, 2013
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February 8, 2013
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Triad of Health

There are three aspects to wellness, each building off of the other, forming a dynamic cycle constantly undergoing rebalance.


The first, that we all know about, is the physical, or body based aspect of health.  Exercise and eating fruits and vegetables, are what we have come to associate with this form of health.  A strong body through movement and intake of the best foods is a start to building a respectable temple, but it is only one arm of the whole that makes for wellness.


The second part of well-being begins in the mind.  Wellness of the mind goes beyond being merely certified as clinically sane or insane.   I often make a comparison of the mind as the foreman on the floor, in charge of the day to day operations, and, as a result,  can either be a great boss, or a tyrant.  From an individual standpoint, the mind governs all actions and interactions with the body, as well as with relationships outwardly, and inwardly.   When a mind is operationally sound, that is, in a centered state, focused on the present moment, with thoughts stemming from intentions of being truly helpful to all concerned, the experiences attracted as a result are a form of wellness no less miraculous than a well-trained, radiant body.


The third part of wellness is the unity quotient.  Many have mentioned this aspect as spirit, or soul.  It is the compass, or CEO of the mind.  There is a non-local part of ourselves, which has the ability to sense beyond what is measurable, and receive information from a more elevated aspect; our best self, so to speak.   I liken this part of ourselves as the “bird’s eye view,” which allows for the elevation of perception above eye level vision.   A conscious connection with this aspect of ourselves that ties into all can add a vivid, heartfelt color to our experience which clarifies the mind and adds sustainability to our path of wellness.


It is a journey to put each piece together, of the components of wellness, to form the best version of ourselves.  We are gifted each day with the “present” so that we might do just that; open it up and enjoy playing with it!  During this day, think about what you might be experiencing, and how, from this short introduction on wellness, you could choose to know more about this balance of the triad of health.  This will set in action, a powerful thought which begin the wheels of change turning. Movement in this direction  from just this simple step, is enough to begin your extraction from a routine which has become a rut, and a life that has you asking, “is this really all there is?”

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