March 16, 2014

The Atmosphere You Create Influences Others

Are you contagious? Not only are your germs available to be passed from person to person, but so, it turns out, is your presence. As we used to say in the Air Force, are you going to be lift, or drag?
March 9, 2014

Listening to Your Gut is Old Wisdom and New Science

“Gut decisions” are part of an important instinct system that need to be heeded and not ignored. If a treatment or medicine doesn’t “feel” right for you, be sure to get further explanation on it’s purpose and the strategy behind the treatment. Not doing so can actually align you towards experiencing more negative side effects of the medication and/or treatment; a phenomenon called the “nocebo” effect. So, listen to your […]
March 2, 2014

How Having a Disease Can Help Another

Patients, your experience with your own health care challenges are INVALUABLE! Former chief health strategist at Google, Roni Zeiger, aims to leverage the knowledge of experienced patients, so that they may help other patients new to their disease. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have hashtags and groups to help to accelerate this era of patient-centric conferencing. For crowdsourcing your solutions, check out websites like and
February 23, 2014

How Horses Teach Us to Be Better Leaders

Service dogs, therapy dogs and tumor-sniffing dogs do remarkable work in the medical field. Now enter the Year of The Horse: 2014. The University of Kentucky is harnessing horsepower to guide nurses to be better health care leaders. As a competitor in Equestrian Showjumping with my horse Dragon, I can attest that horses are the perfect mentors for testing resolve and congruence in each of our delgated tasks.
February 16, 2014

Tuning Into Nature-Always the Right Prescription

If Newton found the theory of gravity, what could you find out by sitting under a tree? Spending more time in nature is an investment that has great wellness returns. And, remember, health is a priceless commodity.