March 2, 2014

How Having a Disease Can Help Another

Patients, your experience with your own health care challenges are INVALUABLE! Former chief health strategist at Google, Roni Zeiger, aims to leverage the knowledge of experienced patients, so that they may help other patients new to their disease. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have hashtags and groups to help to accelerate this era of patient-centric conferencing. For crowdsourcing your solutions, check out websites like and
February 23, 2014

How Horses Teach Us to Be Better Leaders

Service dogs, therapy dogs and tumor-sniffing dogs do remarkable work in the medical field. Now enter the Year of The Horse: 2014. The University of Kentucky is harnessing horsepower to guide nurses to be better health care leaders. As a competitor in Equestrian Showjumping with my horse Dragon, I can attest that horses are the perfect mentors for testing resolve and congruence in each of our delgated tasks.
February 16, 2014

Tuning Into Nature-Always the Right Prescription

If Newton found the theory of gravity, what could you find out by sitting under a tree? Spending more time in nature is an investment that has great wellness returns. And, remember, health is a priceless commodity.
February 9, 2014

Limitations of Pre-Judgement in Healthcare

Some doctors unfortunately resort to quick judgements toward their patients. This closes the door to open communication, and as a result, often leads to the need to run more tests due to the patient interview being prematurely cut short. No one can be “figured out” at a glance by their appearance, financial status, beliefs or religion. Let’s cut out this cancer in the patient-doctor relationship.
February 2, 2014

The Heart is Not Just a Mechanical Pump: Insight Into HRV

Heart Rate Variability (HRV 101) by Dr. Amy Coleman Have you ever thought about the precision of the heart beat? Perhaps you have thought it might be like a metronome, the trusty metal timekeeper that musicians use to stay exactly to the beat of the music? Or, you might have thought that the heart must be like a stopwatch; with each moment between beats an exact replica of the moment […]